Reading | Week 15

Day 1 // Matthew 14:1-12

Spend time today praying for those who face persecution for the sake of the Gospel.

Day 2 // Matthew 14:13-14

Sometimes we need to retreat from life and our circumstances. Find a few minutes today to abide with God.

Day 3 // Matthew 14:15-21

When have you seen God multiply your efforts? Write it down so that you can remember in the future.

Day 4 // Matthew 14:22-27

Pray you can be filled with confidence and courage in Jesus’ name.

Day 5 // Matthew 14:28-33

Despite Peter’s failure, Jesus picked him up when he sank. Because of Peter, the others recognized Jesus for who he was – the Son of God! How can you show people who Jesus is in situations where it looks like you’ve fallen short?


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