Reading | Week 16

Day 1 // Matthew 14:34-36

When you see hurting or sick people, is your first instinct to share Jesus with them? Why or why not?

Day 2 // Matthew 15:1-9

Here Jesus makes the argument that people who take their money or possessions and refuse to share with their parents by merely saying “it is to be used for the church” (which, it’s not) are not honoring their parents or God.

Have you ever paid lip service to God? Pray you recognize it for what it is and that you can glorify God now.

Day 3 // Matthew 15:10-20

Think and pray over Jesus’ words here. Do your words match your heart and actions? How can you speak life?

Day 4 // Matthew 15:21-28

This woman knows her priorities and Jesus blesses her by healing her daughter. Write out what you prioritize. Do you have your priorities in order?

Day 5 // Matthew 15:29-31

When people see and hear the testimony of your life, how do you direct them to Jesus?


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