Reading | Week 19

Day 1 // Matthew 17:14-21

Jesus says that a person with faith so small as that of a tiny mustard seed can move mountains! How can you cultivate true, deep faith this week?

Day 2 // Matthew 17:22-23

Jesus knew suffering was on its way to him, and we can be sure that we will encounter struggles in our lives, too. But Jesus also kept in mind that he would rise from the dead! Find reassurance that despite any season you face, you will triumph with Jesus in the end.

Day 3 // Matthew 17:24-27

How has Jesus provided for you in the past? Write it down and say a word of thanks to God!

Day 4 // Matthew 18:1-5

Jesus praises the faith of a child. What are the traits of a child that you would like to imitate in your relationship with Christ?

Day 5 // Matthew 18:6-9

Jesus uses strong language to describe how we must separate ourselves from that which distracts us from keeping close to him. Take some time to evaluate anything (or anyone) that you need to break free from to grow in Christ.


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