My Purpose

Hello, friends!

I wanted to quickly elaborate on what the purpose of this blog is, so here we go!

While I plan use this site to document the challenges and triumphs of life, and the ways God works through it all, I would also like to start sharing what I write as a Bible Study leader.

I have been writing a weekly Bible Reading Plan that goes 5 days at a time to allow for “grace” days, because life gets busy. Each day has some verses or a chapter to read, and a question to answer. This question can help prompt a journal entry, or a prayer, or just some thought. It’s all to get my group members reading and holding each other accountable!

I will be sharing these plans on Mondays, and would love to see your comments with your thoughts, prayers, and other feedback.

I also write my own lessons for our weekly Bible Study gatherings, and plan to post those on Wednesdays so that you can learn with us.

Current Study (10/17/2018-?): Acts

Again, feel free to leave comments or contact me if you would like to join the Small Group Bible Study on Monday nights in Virginia Beach. We would love to have you and add your voice to our discussion of the Bible!

I also hope to write book reviews on some of the literature I’ve been reading to make this blog a resource for others. If you have recommendations, please drop them in the comments, too!