Reading | Week 21

Day 1 // Matthew 19:13-15

Spend some time thinking about whether anyone has ever turned you away from approaching Jesus. While I hope that’s never happened, we can take time now to think of those times or maybe when we’ve accidentally or purposefully rebuked people like the disciples rebuke the little children. Pray for grace and forgiveness.

Day 2 // Matthew 19:16-22

What earthly possessions distract you from seeking Jesus?

Day 3 // Matthew 19:23-24

Reflect on Jesus’ metaphor and apply it to your life.

Day 4 // Matthew 19:25-26

Why is it so important to remember that we people cannot save ourselves?

Day 5 // Matthew 19:27-30

How can you take last place today?


Reading | Week 20

Day 1 // Matthew 18:10-14

At this point in time are you the one the Shepard seeks, or one of the ninety-nine in full community with the flock? Do you feel like you’re a combination of both?

Day 2 // Matthew 18:15-20

Why do you think it’s so important that the church have a method of correcting its members?

Day 3 // Matthew 18:21-22

Do you ever get tired of forgiving? Pray for renewal and grace.

Day 4 // Matthew 18:23-35

Take time to read through this parable slowly. How can you take this lesson to heart and apply it?

Day 5 // Matthew 19:1-12

Jesus brings Genesis into modern context in this passage. How can you apply Old Testament truths like purity to your daily life?

Reading | Week 19

Day 1 // Matthew 17:14-21

Jesus says that a person with faith so small as that of a tiny mustard seed can move mountains! How can you cultivate true, deep faith this week?

Day 2 // Matthew 17:22-23

Jesus knew suffering was on its way to him, and we can be sure that we will encounter struggles in our lives, too. But Jesus also kept in mind that he would rise from the dead! Find reassurance that despite any season you face, you will triumph with Jesus in the end.

Day 3 // Matthew 17:24-27

How has Jesus provided for you in the past? Write it down and say a word of thanks to God!

Day 4 // Matthew 18:1-5

Jesus praises the faith of a child. What are the traits of a child that you would like to imitate in your relationship with Christ?

Day 5 // Matthew 18:6-9

Jesus uses strong language to describe how we must separate ourselves from that which distracts us from keeping close to him. Take some time to evaluate anything (or anyone) that you need to break free from to grow in Christ.

Reading | Week 18

Day 1 // Matthew 16:16-20

Let the knowledge that the church will not be overcome encourage you today!

Day 2 // Matthew 16:21-23

We can certainly be shortsighted, failing to trust in God’s plan and purpose for our lives. Be reassured that despite any circumstances we face, we can fully rely on God.

Day 3 // Matthew 16:24-25

What does it mean for you personally to deny yourself?

Day 4 // Matthew 16:26-28

The hardest thing about the gospel of grace is that we can literally bring nothing to exchange for the fate of our souls (v.26b). Only Jesus can afford the cost to save us. Thank Jesus for this incredible gift of grace.

Day 5 // Matthew 17:1-13

Who are some leaders in faith who you look up to? Write down those names and consider what makes them such great examples for you. Strive to reflect those descriptions and/or attributes to your own life today.

Reading | Week 17

Day 1 // Matthew 15:32

Thank God for how he provides for you spiritually, emotionally, and physically. He doesn’t forget our needs!

Day 2 // Matthew 15:33-38

It’s easy to forget all the ways Jesus works in our lives. The disciples had already witnessed Jesus feed 5,000 with limited provisions, and yet they doubt his ability to produce food enough for 4,000! Write down some of the blessings you’ve received so that you can remember God’s goodness when you face struggles. God is always good.

Day 3 // Matthew 15:39-16:4

Jesus explains that the only sign the Pharisees will witness is that of Jonah. In Matthew 12:38-41, Jesus says that just as Jonah was in the belly of the great fish for 3 days and 3 nights, so he would be 3 days and 3 nights in the earth. While the book of Jonah in the Old Testament is positive in that Jonah delivers the message of repentance and saves that generation in the sinful city of Nineveh, the book of Nahum records Nineveh’s return to sin and fall from God’s grace.

What parallels can you draw between the story of Nineveh and the story of all people during and after the times of Jesus?

Day 4 // Matthew 16:5-12

How do you recognize false teaching?

Day 5 // Matthew 16:13-16

How is Jesus greater than John the Baptist, Elijah, Jeremiah, or other prophets?

Reading | Week 16

Day 1 // Matthew 14:34-36

When you see hurting or sick people, is your first instinct to share Jesus with them? Why or why not?

Day 2 // Matthew 15:1-9

Here Jesus makes the argument that people who take their money or possessions and refuse to share with their parents by merely saying “it is to be used for the church” (which, it’s not) are not honoring their parents or God.

Have you ever paid lip service to God? Pray you recognize it for what it is and that you can glorify God now.

Day 3 // Matthew 15:10-20

Think and pray over Jesus’ words here. Do your words match your heart and actions? How can you speak life?

Day 4 // Matthew 15:21-28

This woman knows her priorities and Jesus blesses her by healing her daughter. Write out what you prioritize. Do you have your priorities in order?

Day 5 // Matthew 15:29-31

When people see and hear the testimony of your life, how do you direct them to Jesus?

Reading | Week 15

Day 1 // Matthew 14:1-12

Spend time today praying for those who face persecution for the sake of the Gospel.

Day 2 // Matthew 14:13-14

Sometimes we need to retreat from life and our circumstances. Find a few minutes today to abide with God.

Day 3 // Matthew 14:15-21

When have you seen God multiply your efforts? Write it down so that you can remember in the future.

Day 4 // Matthew 14:22-27

Pray you can be filled with confidence and courage in Jesus’ name.

Day 5 // Matthew 14:28-33

Despite Peter’s failure, Jesus picked him up when he sank. Because of Peter, the others recognized Jesus for who he was – the Son of God! How can you show people who Jesus is in situations where it looks like you’ve fallen short?