Lifestyle | The Joy of a Giving Community

There’s nothing like seeing a community rally together to support others in need, whether those people are part of the immediate group or are part of another. Last night, I had the amazing opportunity to see one of my Bible study members pour out all kinds of encouragement and love to other members who are going through an especially hard time and are being faced with tough, life changing decisions. We have all fervently prayed for this situation together when we meet and when we are parted, but this particular gift – a basket of sunshine – sent my heart soaring.

I am so grateful that I’ve been able to partner with God to create a wonderful, caring community that goes deep. These incredible women go deep in relationship, and we all have made a safe space in which to do life together. May each of you seek out and find such relationships in life, and be encouraged as I have been.

So beautiful is genuine love given from one to another. Thank you, Jesus.



9:30 am

Friends are like doctors.

They demand check-ups,

And look inside you

Rather than accept what’s on the outside

As fact.

They say, “Work out,

Eat right,

Take care of yourself.

Stress doesn’t help you at all,


Friends listen to your hurts,

And help you get through them.

They know you,

Better than you know yourself

Because they examine you—

Your heart that makes you tick.